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Garage Door Spring Repair

On average, a garage door has an expectancy of 10,000 lift cycles. Springs play a major role in the life expectancy of the door, and high-tension springs can break after many years in service, in unusual conditions, or in accidents. Install better quality garage door springs to increase this lift cycle. We replace broken springs with quality steel springs that are made in the United States.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

One of the most dangerous jobs for garage door technicians is replacing the garage door spring. There are two types of garage door springs, torsion and extension springs. Torsion springs are becoming more common for residential garage doors in homes. The torsion spring is located above the garage door. It’s usually centered above the garage door on a torsion bar. Extension Springs run along the track and pull from front to back to open the door. These should be installed in pairs and should ALWAYS have a safety cable through the middle of them. A professional door technician knows where to properly install the springs. Proper placement, size and tension are all critical to the proper lift of the garage door. A professional door technician should always be called for repair and replacement. Improper removal and replacement of any spring can lead to serious injuries. Call Garden State Garage Doors Today to get your Springs replaced!

Garage Door Cable Replacement

While the Spring is doing to work, the cable is actually what is pulling your door open. When a cable snaps on either a Extension system of a Torsion system the results are the same. The door cannot open. On an Extension system the cable runs from the front of the spring to the bottom of the door. This is how the tension is set on the Spring to balance the door. These cables should be replaced in pairs so that the wear or stretch on them is even. For Torsion systems the cable goes from the bottom of the door up to the drum on the torsion tube. As the Spring spins the tube the cable goes around the drum lifting the door. When these snap they usually create a "bird's nest" above the door. Also, when these cables are replaced it also requires the springs to be rewound and the door re-balanced. Call Garden State Garage Doors Today to get your cables repaired!

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